Friday, May 12, 2017

Sharon/Sam: Firework (1/13)

I may be in the extreme minority but I loved Sharon ("Sherry") and Sam and the time they spent together so I am writing this drabble series about them.
Enjoy and leave comments if you're up for it.

A - Admiration

He watched her under his eyelashes as she cleaned out the stalls while he was supposed to be examining their little lamb Fanny. That's what she had called the baby lamb earlier that day. Theirs. And he knew it shouldn't have affected him at all, let alone this much, but he was glad to share something with her. He realized now that he had been drifting along far too long, untethered by anyone or anything, having only his job to share his life with. And now here he was sharing something with the last woman he had ever expected to walk into his barn. Sherry was the last thing he had expected, period. She was beautiful and fragile but also hardworking and kind. The way she mothered little Fanny said it all: she was a woman with a good heart. One that had obviously been broken far too many times.

He was aware that she had a past. That much was painfully clear and she'd even said as much. He didn't know where she came from or why she was here but he knew she was hiding out from someone or something. He never peppered her with questions though. That would only drive her away and he had known almost instantly that he didn't want her to go. He wanted to her stay around a good long time, making the place shine with her fragile luminosity. Occasionally she even smiled now and though he never said so, that smile lit up the whole farmhouse and probably the whole of rural New Mexico too.

He realized he cared too much about her already; cared too much about the secrets behind her sad eyes but he was never going to force anything out of her. Besides, he sensed if he did that, she would run away for good and that's the last thing he wanted.


B - Blue Ribbon

She had actually been close to smiling for a whole minute that day.

Fanny was stronger than ever and Sherry clearly loved watching the lamb prance around the barn, lowing happily as she tried burying herself in the hay. Sherry loved their little lamb and sadly, Sam had to tell her that now that their little lamb was weaned, she was going to the little girl he had told her about before. He sensed Sherry had forgotten about that detail or didn't want to think about it but Fanny was a little girl's future blue ribbon winning 4-H project and Sam wasn't one to go against his word - even if it hurt them both.

Sam had purposefully avoided reminding Sherry about this for far too long. Maybe he shouldn't have waited because today was the day he was due to drive Fanny to the neighboring farm and somehow he knew Sherry was going to be devastated. Fanny wasn't just a lamb to her - but her new chance somehow. A new chance to make right the things she must have felt had been destroyed in the life she existed in before she walked into this place and shook his world to its core.

He saw the pain he had expected in her eyes when he gave her the news. But he also saw something else unreadable. He tried to ask her about it but she shook her head and bit her lip and then moved over to Fanny who was resting on a pile of hay. She picked up the getting-bigger-by-the-second lamb in her slender arms and nuzzled her face into its soft wooly fur. She gave Fanny a light tickle on her tail and then passed Fanny over to Sam. Sherry then promptly turned on her heel and ran out of the barn, never actually having said anything but having somehow expressed so much more than simple words could ever verbalize.

Sam sighed as he watched her go. He didn't expect to see her again for a good long time. If she ever did come back at all. He wanted to chase after her and ask her to stop running - from him, from everyone else, from the world - but he didn't dare. So he watched her go and hoped one day, by some miracle, she would return. His life had changed in every way since she had come crashing into it and now he realized he never wanted to go back to the status quo.


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